A Comprehensive Review On InstantHookUps.com

INSTANTHOOKUPS REVIEW It’s no secret that people use the internet to find hookups, but not all of these hookup sites are any good, so how you can possibly know which ones to spend time on to try and meet people? Enter InstantHookups! Getting laid just got a whole lot easier. Find out why we think [...]


Milftastic Review

How MILFTASTIC Turned One Reviewer Into A MILF Lover Those of you who know me or my reviews, know that I’m a pretty open guy, into whatever is on the table. So, when I heard about a newish adult dating site called milftastic.com I was super intrigued. Say it with me: “MILF-TASTIC!” Haha. Milftastic claims [...]

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Hookup.com Review

About HookUP.com is brand new to the scene, but don’t be fooled! With millions of members already and more joining each and every day, HookUP.com should not be underestimated!   Let’s get something right out of the way. With so many rumors floating around the web, it’s hard to tell which dating sites are scams [...]

FreeHookups Review

FreeHookups Review Read our professional review of the top casual sex and hookup site FreeHookups.com, and avoid dating scams by using the #1 Best Internet Dating Authority! FreeHookups passed our scam test and rated very high on the do-ability meter. What does that mean for you? With stats like “81% response rate” and “94% hookups [...]



IN HIS WORDS: AN ADULTMEETINGS EXPERIENCE   Do you want to know more about Adultmeetings.com? Do you want to know why all of a sudden it’s so popular and why all the locals are rushing to sign up? I wasn’t sure what to think at first but as soon as I typed in the address [...]

EasySex.com banner

EasySex Review

  When all you really want is a casual sex hookup, you don’t really have the patience to fuss around with anything peripheral or extraneous, you want a dating site that’s just going to get you easy sex, right? Well that’s where my mind went… google “easy sex” and, surprise surprise, there’s an “Easy Sex” [...]


HookupCloud Review

HookupCloud.com is the newest site taking advantage of the rising popularity of “the cloud”. Fortunately, this is the kind of cloud you imagine heaven is made of: soft, big, and teeming with hundreds of scantily-clad, horny women. Mmm. Not that computer cloud that got them in trouble in the Sex Tape movie. Regardless of why [...]

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DiscreetMatcher Review

Before writing this review, I had been unaware of DiscreetMatcher‘s existence. And I thought, “How good can an affair dating site be if no one’s ever heard of it?” Well, let me tell you – my lack of knowledge of this site made the discovery of how great it is even better! Not only is [...]


SocialBangers Review

  SocialBangers is a solid adult dating site. It’s not my favorite, but it has all the necessary features, it has a huge member database, and it has reasonable prices.   But don’t let my lack of super enthusiasm make you feel like this site won’t work for you. I’ve been using the site for [...]

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BangWithBuddies Review

  BangWithBuddies is a unique new adult dating site. Their goal is not only speed (“find a local hookup in minutes!”), but finding those local hotties you’ve had your eye on. It may seem unreasonable to believe your friends are on BangWithBuddies, and they may very well not be – but what the site is [...]

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AffairSingles Review

  I’m super excited to write this review of AffairSingles.com. It’s an awesome, brand new NSA (no strings attached) affair dating site. I was lucky enough to be asked to test out their beta site a while back and now that the site is actually up, I can talk about not only the site and [...]


AdultLink Review

AdultLink is one of my favorite new adult dating sites. I was using this site back when it was just in its beta phase and its now been officially launched. It claims anything any other adult dating site would – to get you laid in your city. Normally, a site that’s just starting out doesn’t [...]


Untrue Review

  A new player in the NSA dating scene is Untrue.com. Untrue claims to the the “#1 place to find a discreet online fantasy“. And I’d like to bring to your attention that wording, for starters - they don’t claim to be able to fulfill your fantasy, merely help you find one. I can have a [...]

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  My review for today is for, most impressively, the very first site that comes up on Google if you search for “adult dating”: XPRESS.com. This popular adult dating site’s slogan is “meeting people is easy!” But just how “easy” is it? In this review I will put it to the test!   XPRESS claims that they [...]

online dating help profile

Do You Need a Dating Profile Ghostwriter?

There’s millions of people using online dating sites to find long-term partners, causal hookups, and everything in between. And no matter what you’re interested in getting out of the situation your successes will come down in no small part to your profile. It’s essentially your business card for online dating and while we’re all equally [...]

No Strings Attached

4 Words Not To Use In NSA Dating Profiles

  Relationships.  The last thing any member of the NSA dating community wants to deal with.  Which is why it always amazes me when I see relationship terms appear in NSA dating profiles.  Whether you’re divorced or single, in a relationship or married – no matter what your relationship status currently is, it has little [...]

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Social-Hookups Review

Looking for a new site for quick hook-ups? Social-Hookups (not to be confused with the non-hyphenated “socialhookups.com“) is promising to be the hottest new adult dating site on the web! It’s already been featured on TMZ, Playboy TV, and Howard Stern! The site exudes lust the moment you it loads on your screen. A very sensual [...]


EroticAffairs Review

  Today I’m reviewing yet another popular NSA (no strings attached) dating site: EroticAffairs.com. EroticAffairs claims to be “the largest free discreet dating service in the world” and I put it to the test to see how it would hold up to those claims!   EroticAffairs promises 100% anonymity, as well as discreet communication and millions [...]

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AsianLoverSearch Review

  This is a site I’ve been excited about reviewing for a while now. I’m not going to keep it a secret: I am extremely attracted to Asian women. And with AsianLoverSearch, all the heavy lifting is done for me!   In order to do most reviews I simply sign up for a free account, but [...]

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Fuckbook.net Review

Fuckbook.net claims they are known as “the original Fuckbook“ (a quick Google search will show you that there are many) and that they are “better than Craigslist” (please tell me no one is still using Craigslist to get laid – please, just… no).   They pose this statement: “You’re probably wondering why Fuckbook might be your [...]

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UBangWithFriends Review

  UBangWithFriends is a new adult dating site which claims to be a “one-stop-shop for instant adult hookups“. Recently it has been gaining in popularity and promises to be one of the hottest hookup sites online.   The main focus of the site appears to be speed. They promise that you will find local hookups within [...]


YouLike.com Review

  The mainstream dating site, YouLike.com, is a small, small dating site. Size, though, doesn’t necessarily make or break the decision the join a dating site. It’s being awful does. So, is YouLike awful? Read on to find out!   Layout & Design   The site’s layout and design isn’t that bad. There’s some old, [...]


What to do when the world cockblocks you

  We’ve all been there, a mere moment away from bliss with your no strings date and something goes wrong. The dog gets out, there’s a knock at the door, rent’s due, whatever. Your nerves may be a bit shaky, maybe this is your first no strings encounter. How do you keep this from turning [...]


Niche v. Mainstream: Which Dating Site Is Right For You?

  Say you’ve got yourself a sexual fetish. Not anything untoward, just something slightly unusual – like a fancy for red stockings. Let’s say that you’re also a bit lonely and wished there was some super easy and efficient way to have a no strings attached relationship with someone who enjoys wearing that stuff as [...]

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eVow.com Review

  When I think of baby boomers, I don’t think of online dating sites. I think of an unshakable sense of self-entitlement run rampant across the globe in an attempt to produce and consume an infinite amount of frozen dinners. Such thoughts are reaffirmed by the existence of eVow.com, an online dating site that hosts [...]

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Flirt Naughty Review

  If you’ve ever dreamed of hooking up with Brad Pitt or Michael Caine, the adult dating site by the name of FlirtNaughty.com is for you! Not that you’ll ever meet anyone associated with those men, though, as their faces appear on the site as a result of laziness and a desire to make money [...]

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Darwin Dating Review

It’s rumored that Marilyn Monroe once wrote to Albert Einstein suggesting that, were they do have a child together, it would be blessed with her looks and his brains. The story goes that he wrote back politely declining her hypothetical offer, suggesting that it would be awful should the child be ‘blessed’ with his looks [...]


Paid v Free: Which dating site is for you?

  Online dating websites are no different than any other service. While it’s always nice to get something for free, there are times, though, in which you’re better off taking the paid version. We are capitalists after all, and the best products and services are usually not free. Free sites are almost always scams, which [...]

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NoStringsAttached.com Review

NoStringsAttached.com is a niche dating site devoted to anyone and everyone who’s out for sex and casual encounters, regardless of marital status. Given the amount of extramarital sex allegedly springing out of No Strings Attached, they’ve gone ahead and placed an emphasis on member privacy and control. When people’s sex lives are on the line, [...]


How to find a NSA date

NSA dating, sometimes referred to as no strings attached dating, is often thought of as the perfect thing for people not interested in either a long term commitment or a traditional relationship. Sex is the stock and trade of NSA dating, and many single women and men spend considerable time looking for casual encounters as [...]

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OkCupid Review

Lots of dating sites are free to use, OkCupid is no exception in that regard. But the site does have a lot setting it apart from its freebie competitors, some things for the good and some not. Like most sites that claim to be free, there’s a number of additional, non-complementary services which are available [...]

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Date.com Review

Dating websites occasionally seem as if they’ve decided that in order to compete with other dating sites, they have to copy one another’s features. One gets a chat room, then the rest do as well. A race to load as much exciting newness onto your site ensues and it’s not uncommon for sites to get [...]


3 Places To Never Take An NSA Affair

Good for you! You’ve scoured countless affair dating sites, and you’ve found a lonely house wife that wants in your pants as much as you want out of them. Now the only question remains is: Where should your no strings attached affair take place? I don’t mean in the tush versus other places, either. No, [...]

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420singles.net Review

420singles.net is an niche dating site that caters to, you guessed it, people who enjoy smoking weed and getting high. For a smaller online dating site, 420singles does a fairly decent job of providing the features we’ve come to expect from quality dating sites to their growing membership.   Layout & Design   I wasn’t [...]

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XXXConnect.com Review

This adult dating site has been around for a while now, and building up quite the profile for itself! It’s always been great for a fast hookup, has amazing members, and offers so much for such a little price. Recently, it has undergone a makeover that makes it easier to use and has been attracting [...]

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NSA Gay Dating Hookup Guide That Works!

You have a serious partner and have had this partner for quite some time. You and he have gotten to that point in your lives where people have started saying things to you at bars and parties like “ you guys sound like an old married couple.” How did that happen? How did you the [...]

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Farmers Only Review

Birds of a feather flock together – that’s the founding principle of most niche online dating sites. FarmersOnly.com does this for people who aren’t bound by the limits of a city or appreciate farm life. Any why not? The differences between life and the city and life in the heartland are huge and, considering the [...]

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StachePassions Review

Could you only love a bearded face? Do you stay awake at night hoping that you’ll be riding mustaches once more? If you do, Stachepassions.com just might be the right niche dating site for you because its entire focus is facilitating the meeting of men and women who simply love, love, love facial hair.   [...]

sex positions

Sex Spice: Four Underrated Sex Positions

People will try a lot to spice up their sex lives. From taping themselves ‘doing the do’ to inviting third parties into bed, humans certainly have an interesting sexual history. Just as people can have well-defined tastes in music and film, though, people’s taste for sexual spice can vary widely. The issue is how to [...]


Five tips to making the perfect sex tape

So, let’s say you’ve wandered on over to an adult dating site like EroticSearch.com, met someone, hooked up a few times, and are now looking for just a little added excitement. Or perhaps you’ve just arrived at college and want to make a name for yourself. Either way, my answer to you is the same: [...]

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Perversions Review

As the name suggests, Perversions.com is an adult dating site home to frisky hook up hopefuls and those who enjoy getting their kink on. It’s perfect for those of us who have interests that would stick out on mainstream dating sites or, worse, get us kicked off entirely. Luckily Perversions does no such thing! There [...]

NSA casual dating

Four Tips to Repeating Your NSA Affairs

When guys give each other hook up advice, it can often be short sighted. Sure, we’re all after the same thing at the end of the day, but the women that can smell a douche a mile away are usually also the ones that aren’t nuts from the get-go. So the problem becomes how do [...]

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Fuck.com Review

Chances are good that next to no one finds the adult dating site Fuck.com by accident. This fact is made obvious somewhere between the sheer amount of flesh on display and the site’s slogan being ‘Stop Jerking Off and Start Fucking’. So it differs slightly from sites such as Match.com and eHarmony.com, and the like [...]

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Plenty Of Fish Review

If you think shelling out five bucks a month for a gold star is sensible, PlentyOfFish (POF) is for you. Bear in mind, though, I’m not talking about a superconducting ball of gaseous gold worth untold fortunes. I’m not even talking about the little gold stars you might have gotten from a grade school teacher [...]

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Bring Some Class To Your NSA Affair

  Bring Some Class to Your NSA Affair You want to have an NSA relationship and you don’t want your significant other to know but the idea of skanky motel rooms, sticky backseat fumbling and sex clubs isn’t your thing. Just because you’re having affair doesn’t mean you can’t do so with some class. Here [...]

Screen shot 2013-12-18 at 2.07.13 PM

eHarmony Review

  eHarmony is yet another monster sized dating site whose success slightly puzzles me. There are some sites, like SexSearch, who pretty much let their membership have free reign to interact and search as they please and for whom they please. So it’s interesting to see eHarmony‘s landing page read “Now free to communicate”. I’m [...]

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Match Review

There’s dating sites that impress you and then there’s dating sites that try to impress you and don’t. Match.com seems to succumb to the latter. Somewhere between their claiming to be the best matchmakers ever and mentioning that they’ve been around since 1995, I’m lead to believe that they’re confusing being prudent enough to create [...]

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EroticLove Review

Eroticlove.com is one of those dating sites that cuts right to the point – you’re there to hook up with people in your area. Everything else is just a variable that EroticLove helps you control. After navigating away from the first step in the sign-up process, you’re immediately asked to provide your favorite sex position. [...]

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HowAboutWe Review

  Each dating website out there attempts to carve out a niche for itself by adding something unique to the tried-and-true method, and HowAboutWe is no exception. Where the site excels, though, is in how it goes about it. Being true to their name, HowAboutWe centers their online community around what might be called premise-based [...]

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PassionSearch Review

  PassionSearch.com is a simple, user-friendly dating site meant to help find a date in your local area. Is the concept of online dating something you’ve found confusing? That’s no problem; PassionSearch offers you a one-stop service for all aspects of your dating or love life. The dating site targets all singles, whether they’re straight [...]

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ManPlay Review

    The first thing that hit me about this site was how easy it is to navigate. Okay, let’s be real, the first thing that hit me was the super built chest that flashed up on the screen under the site’s logo. And I’m not even gay. Like, I could maybe lean that way [...]

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Zoosk Review

    With a name like Zoosk, you’d expect to associate it with something like, the sound you might make when you wake up from a nightmare, but contrary to the pairing inside my head, Zoosk is an e-dating website that structures itself around the popularity of community-based social networks utilizing the network as a [...]

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Grouper Review

On every dating site worth your time you’ll see a warning somewhere strongly recommending that you tell people when you’re go on a date with someone you found online. The warning is itself a response to a concern that many online daters share, and some dating websites go beyond that and turn lemons into lemonade. [...]

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XXXLove Review

  You don’t have to be a detective to know that XXXLove.com, formerly XXXMatch.com, is an online dating site devoted to playing matchmaker with human genitals. The sex-ness of it hits you right off the bat, once you’ve noticed that the landing page has as many bare nipples as it does human beings. That’s no [...]

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EroticSearch Review

  EroticSearch.com is one of the true giants in the online dating game. Their membership is huge, features varied and extensive, and strong commitment to providing a quality service – all good news to those looking to hook up with local women and/or men. In this review, I’ll be going over the usual points of [...]

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SocialSex Review

    I recently had the pleasure of checking out SocialSex, one of the newer constituents in the world of online hookup dating; With nearly 65 million signed up members, offering a super-simple and sleek (and very entertaining) sign-up process, there’s an undoubdetly positive sentiment regarding the chances for a successful hookup on this website and [...]

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SexSearch Review

    I’ve been on SexSearch for a little over 3 weeks, and I can’t believe the amount of action that I’ve been getting. I don’t even know why I’m telling you guys any of this, not that I don’t like to share or anything, but at the end of the day, there’s a competitive [...]