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People will try a lot to spice up their sex lives. From taping themselves ‘doing the do’ to inviting third parties into bed, humans certainly have an interesting sexual history. Just as people can have well-defined tastes in music and film, though, people’s taste for sexual spice can vary widely. The issue is how to add the right type and amount of spice for all parties involved. While there’s a ton of different ways to do this, this article will focus on a few seldom seen sex positions. Feel free to try them out, they all come with the Internet Dating Authority‘s stamp of approval.


1: CAT


You’ve heard of doggy style, well, here comes CAT (or coital alignment technique). The brainchild of psychotherapist Edward Eichel, this position was first outlined in the article “The technique of coital alignment and its relation to female orgasmic response and simultaneous orgasm” via the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy.


According to the article’s abstract, CAT involves using the basic physical layout of the human body to increase the amount of clitoral contact experienced by women. Put in scientific terms, the basic thought behind CAT is the technique, and I quote:


combines (a) the “riding high” variation of the “missionary” coital posture, with (b) genitally focused pressure-counterpressure stimulus applied in the coordination of sexual movement.


If there’s any justice in the world, someone will have already used “Mind if I try riding high?” as a pickup line or proposition. If you’re looking for a video depiction, good luck, because this is basically it (quasi-SFW).


Unfortunately for CAT lovers, the positive results of Eichel’s study couldn’t be replicated in later clinical trials. So while it’s scientifically proven that CAT helps women achieve orgasm with greater ease, it’s also been scientifically proven to not work. Science can create some headscratchers, but barring those women very real issues preventing them from climaxing, CAT can easily become a fun position to throw into your repertoire.


2: The Amazon


This sex position offers women the same control and power that the missionary position offers men, a fact that has been noted as a potential turn-on for women. But all other positions that put the woman on top does this as well as The Amazon.

 So it might be to the point to say that any position which involves the woman on top can achieve this turn-on – the power of being in physical control. But The Amazon goes one step beyond that. It also offers the woman the opportunity for greater spice in another way because it allows her to have sex with her partner in a manner which is, in terms of the physical mechanisms of the act, similar to a standard sexual position. In other words, there’s an added spark or bit of spice that can come from having sex in an atypical position that’s in someway an adaptation or alteration of something we’re all familiar with.


That’s how The Amazon differs from, for example, CAT. While CAT attempts to increase the amount of arousal from physiological facts, The Amazon does the same thing thanks to both the woman’s being on top but also the nature of how the couple are having sex.


3: The Final Furlong


Ever wondered what doggy style would be like if dogs were lazier or manufacturers of ottomans? Wonder no more because your answer is here: The Final Furlong

Sex position the final furlong

What’s nice about The Final Furlong is that it, contrary to its namesake, it need not be a race to the finish. As you can see in the picture below, The Final Furlong takes the same mechanics as doggy style but alters it so that rather than having you and your partner placing your weight on your hands/knees, you’re gently resting upon an ottoman or other piece of mountable furniture.


Because the ‘action’ is so close to the top of the ottoman, The Final Furlong makes it easy for the woman to use a vibrator or other sex toy. In fact, one of The Final Furlong’s greatest strengths (other than its name) is its ability to be used in countless different ways. Its being kind of a half-seated position allows partners to make the sex slower, more gentle and relaxed like they would in another other seated position, but, like kneeing and standing positions, The Final Furlong also allows partners to engage in sex with more physical intensity. It’s no small wonder that The Final Furlong has been called the Swiss Army knife of sex positions.


PS. If anyone ever gets around to making Sherlock Holmes inspired pornography, my money’s on ‘The Final Furlong’ being its title.


4: The Cowboy


According to some sources ‘The Cowboy’ isn’t “a naturally occurring sex position.” I have no idea what that means, perhaps robots invented it and named it so because at their hearts robots really love the wild west. Or, the other possibility is that it’s an entirely natural position that seems like a bit of work on the face of it. Why does it seem like work? Well, personally I don’t know. Take a look at it:

the cowboy sex position

The Cowboy provides similar penetration as prone boning position for the male, but his partner has flip over so that she’s now on her back while her partner remains atop her upper thighs. Despite The Cowboy’s side-effect of limiting penetration (when compared to the missionary position, for example), lots of people have gone on record as saying that they happily trade more penetration for The Cowboy’s ability to generate an increase in ‘tightness of the opening’.


So there you have it, four exciting sex positions that don’t require a past history in acrobatics or yoga. If you or your hook up buddy, boyfriend/girlfriend, or whatever want to try something new without pulling a muscle, give these amazing sex positions a try!

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