4.52 our score

The Good

- Quick and easy signup
- Free basic membership
- Lots of features for Silver and Gold members
- 100% hookup guarantee

The Bad

- Onsite content could be too explicit for prudes
- Basic search could use more filters

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This adult dating site has been around for a while now, and building up quite the profile for itself! It’s always been great for a fast hookup, has amazing members, and offers so much for such a little price. Recently, it has undergone a makeover that makes it easier to use and has been attracting more member than ever before. So if you were ever skeptical before, there’s no reason to be anymore!


Just in case you’ve never heard of it, XXXConnect.com is an adult dating site that focuses entirely on men and women looking for casual sex and/or discreet encounters. But one of the most interesting things about XXXConnect‘s is its approach to the problem of excess men on adult dating sites. They only allow as many men to sign up per day as women sign up! That way, there will never be more men than women on the site. Personally, I think this is an interesting and novel solution to a problem that many adult dating sites face.



Layout & Design


The signup process is painless. Unlike eHarmony‘s 400+ questions, XXXConnect.com only asks new members the following few questions in order to sign up:

  • • Who you are (options being Man, Woman, Couple, or Transsexual)
  • • Your date-of-birth
  • • Your ideal hook up location (city, state/province, country)
  • • Your sexual preferences



The layout of the site is in no way a challenge to master. From your profiles’ homepage, you’ll see all the different features available to you laid out in a easily navigable format. XXXConnect.com utilizes a picture-based design – so you won’t have read endlessly long and needlessly self-aggrandizing written profiles. I liked this aspect of the design a lot because, in all fairness, the people who’ve signed up for the site aren’t looking for a “until death do us part” relationship, they’re looking for “until sunrise do us part” and most of that decision making doesn’t get any help form the inclusions of words.




XXXConnect follows a similar structure to their features as other sites, with more features being ‘unlocked’ by switching from a free basic membership to a paid Silver or Gold membership. The table below shows the rough-break down of the features offered by XXXConnect:

Basic MembershipSilver MembershipGold Membership
• Basic searches

• Upload pictures and videos to your profile

• Send other membership invitations to meet offline
Access to all basic membership features

• Ability to create and maintain a friends list

• Access to dozens of forums and chat rooms

• Complete advanced searches

• Search results priority over basic members
Access to all basic and silver membership features

• Complete advanced searches

• Access to dozens of forums and chat rooms

• Search priority over basic and silver-level members

• Access to free daily hardcore pornography

The differences between the features available to basic members and Silver/Gold members is staggering. For example, merely having the ability to jump into a forum conversation on hookup techniques makes a lot of your work vanish as you can avoid making the mistakes and share in the successes of those that have been on the site for some time.


In addition, Silver and Gold members also have their profiles ranked higher in searches, so let’s say that I’m a Silver member and you’re a Gold member with a nearly identical profile, you will show up higher in the results than I will every time simply due to your membership. It’s a great way to ensure results. As a person doing the searching, you’ll notice a difference between the paid and free memberships as well. Silver and Gold members are given a few more search options (Languages spoken, ethnicity, filter out those without profile pictures, etc.). Regardless of whether you’re doing a basic or advanced search, though, you’ll be content with XXXConnect‘s powerful search engine.


The final few features I’d like to share are the “Who’s Viewed Me” and “Active Within”, or “last online”, features. A lot of time on dating sites, the difference between a successful hookup and a night alone is showing up. With these features, XXXConnect.com allows you to view those who have expressed an explicit interest in you and those who are active members within the community. Chances are good that you can use these two features to great advantage when selecting who to contact.


The Good


The highest point for XXXConnect was how many members it had, and how many connections I made in a very short amount of time. I was able to set up a meeting with a sweet, young fox very quickly. I’ve had plenty of “dates” since then, but that first one was what made me really believe in this site! Her name was Samantha. We decided to meet up at a bar right near my place. I was worried she might have misrepresented her hotness on her profile, but I was presently surprised to find her even hotter! And I mean, I guess I’m not a bad looking guy, but I’m very average – this girl should have been way out of my league. But she was so personable, and very fun to be around. And, of course, a demon in the bedroom! We hooked up a few more times after that too, but there’s so many hot, willing babes on the site that neither of us ending up just sticking with the other. I still use the site now, and with the smallest amount of effort, I can get laid any day of the week!

And all this for a price you can’t beat!

Basic MembershipSilver MembershipGold Membership
Three Day TrialFREE$1.95$1.95
One Month MembershipFREE$29.95/Month$34.95/Month
Three Month MembershipFREE$19.98/Month$23.32/Month
One Year MembershipFREEN/A$12.50/Month

As you can see above, XXXConnect gives you a number of rates for different membership subscriptions. This should allow you to get the absolute most bang for your buck at a price that is essentially equivalent to every other online dating site with paying members. If the price seems a tad too steep for you, don’t worry at all as XXXConnect as a 100% hookup guarantee. If you haven’t had a casual encounter or offline hookup in 100 days, you get your next 100 days free! It’s a great little insurance policy to tuck into your back pocket


The Bad


I’ll start off by saying this – if you’re not okay with an abundance of nudity and explicit sexuality, XXXConnect.com will be great for someone else! Complaining and whining about how a site with “XXX” in the URL has strong sexual content seems to miss the point entirely. For the purposes of its members, having less sexuality on the sites wouldn’t remove people’s inhibitions and it’d probably result in less hookup successes for everybody.




All in all, XXXConnect.com is a great, new site for swinging singles and copulating couples to meet each other and line up offline meetings. It has useful features available at a great price. If you’re at all interested in hooking up with someone around you, XXXConnect.com is an ideal place to start!

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47 Responses to “XXXConnect.com Review”

  1. BillH says:

    It’s also important to add some good photos to the profile on XXXconnect.com. Just make sure that the profiles are nice and friendly looking. Some people like to upload topless photos. I don’t see any harm in that. If you have a great body that will help you get laid, go for it!

  2. Eric.Love says:


  3. hailey_joe says:

    The men on xxxconnect are just amazing. I never expected the men here to be this nice. I really like talking to them and hooking up.

  4. Carter1990 says:

    There aren’t that many women on XXXconnect.com who only cares about looks. Usually the women on this site are very experience when it comes to dating and they’re well aware of how boring a great looking guy without a good personality can be. So don’t be intimidated by all the hot looking guys. There are so many women on this site who’ll see something special about you.

  5. shondra20 says:

    It’s not easy finding good sex finder sites like XXXconnect.com. I read a similar review and joined this site and it was a great move in terms of my sex life.

  6. Linda.James says:

    I got to know about xxxConnect.com through a friend on mine. My love life was taking a beating because of my work and I thought I’d give it a go. I’m just really happy that I registered on this site. It really enable me to have a lot of fun while being extremely busy at work.

  7. LisaO says:

    Very true, xxxconnect is a great site for all those busy individuals who can’t afford to spend so much time on meeting people. I work around 50 hours a week and don’t have time to go out and meet people. XXXconnect really helped me improve my social life.

  8. jess_bowden says:

    It was completely worth registering on xxxconnect.com. No other site can match the effectiveness and the efficiency of the features that this site offers.

  9. DanM says:

    How should I approach the women on xxxconnect.com? I’m new here and I feel very nervous when I’m on the chat.

  10. judith.w says:

    I completely agree. The search function on xxxConnect impressed me the most. It’s smooth, simple and does a great job by showing me a list of women nearby who are good matches.

  11. NatashaW says:

    If you are looking to meet hot men to hook up with, xxxconnect.com is the best place out there! It’s got thousands of hot guys who are looking for women to hook up with. They were really fun and interesting. I have been able to meet all kinds of men through this site. It has been a lot of fun. I’m glad I signed up on xxxconnect.com.

  12. George1989 says:


  13. joanne.smith says:

    Does XXXConnect.com has fake profiles? It seems to be one of the biggest problems on the site I’m on right now.

  14. henry_black says:

    Very true. The women are not only hot, they are super nice when it comes to talking with them. I love being on the chat and talking to different women. That’s what I do for an hour or so after coming home from work. XXXconnect.com really helped me to be more confident. It was something that I was lacking as a person and after I got laid a few times, I started believing in myself more.

  15. Dominic.K says:

    How’s the competition among men on XXXConnect.com? I just got out of a site with too much competition.

  16. isabella1992 says:

    I was keeping an eye out for fakes as well and I haven’t seen one so far on xxxConnect. The admins are very strict when it comes to things like that. I think they are doing a great job by keeping this site clean.

  17. zebastian_pasco says:

    There are as many women on xxxconnect as men, so there’s very little competition unless the woman you’re trying to talk to is super hot.

  18. NathanW says:

    I agree. There are certain women that catches everyone’s eyes so if you’re not after someone like that, there shouldn’t be that much competition. I have seen that the women on xxxConnect are much hotter when compared to the women on other dating sites. That also makes things much laid back. The women on this site just have the time to meet new people and chat with them. That really increases the chances of getting laid.

  19. marshall.lowe says:

    It’s great when everyone’s on the same page about what they want from this site. The members on xxxconnect.com are very straight forward about hooking up. I felt very comfortable knowing that. I never had to beat around the bush about sex when I was on a date with a woman. Most dates ended with sex and I never had to think about whether I’ll be getting laid or not. It was never a question.

  20. maria_ross says:

    I felt very safe trusting people on xxxconnect.com due to the high safety standards and strict user guidelines that this site has. I wasn’t able to go out to meet people because I was so scared. I never felt that here. I always knew that the members were verified and legit.

  21. Venus.W says:

    I love spending a few hours every night on XXXConnect.com. It’s my way of relaxation. It’s a lot of fun talking to all kinds of men and getting to know about them. I love meeting people so I talk to as many new men as I can at a time. I was able to go out one dates and hook up afterwards from the 2nd week on this site. It was really easy to find a good man and I felt very secure going to see him.

  22. Evan.Dating says:

    Love how simple things are on XXXconnect.com. It’s very easy to meet women and get to know them. Once they know you, it’s not that hard to get them come out to meet you.

  23. RosyP says:

    The chat rooms are a lot of fun and it’s the best way to meet new people. You don’t have spam like on other sites and xxxconnect admins do a great job by removing such people from the chats.

  24. samantha_paige says:

    I’m new to xxxConnect. The profile seems like a lot of work. Does it help you when it comes to finding good men?

  25. rowanda93 says:

    The profile is the biggest tool you have on an online dating site when it comes to meeting hot singles. The layout of the profile on XXXConnect really impressed me as it clearly showed the persons likes/dislikes as well as preferences. I always go through the profile of a person before I decide whether I’d like to talk to them or not.

  26. Robin.R says:

    The information that people gets from your profile leads them to you. A carefully made profile attracts good matches and that actually saves a lot of time. Love how things work on xxxconnect.

  27. KimVernon says:

    XXXconnect does a great job when it comes to keeping all the spammers and creepy men at bay. I never came across things like that since I joined this site. That was a huge problem on some of the sites that I was on before.

  28. courtney_adams says:

    What kind of attention do you get from men on XXXConnect.com?

  29. Zoe_Pauls says:

    I feel that I’m getting enough attention from the men on xxxconnect. It’s not too much to make things stressful. I get just enough messages to make a good choice. I didn’t have that freedom on the dating sites I’ve been on before. There were way too many men messaging me and it was really difficult keeping touch with the few men that I actually liked. It has never been like that on xxxconnect. There are that many men on this site to make things that bad.

  30. casey_faye says:

    I agree, I like the ratio between men and women on this site. There are enough women for everyone. It’s not that fun when all the men are trying to impress you. It might seem like it, but then you can’t get anything done. I really like how XXXconnect.com has managed to control the number of male and female users. It’s something most sites tend to overlook.

  31. SelinaT says:

    For me, xxxconnect.com just didn’t work. The men weren’t that hot and I didn’t feel like I was getting enough attention.

  32. ChloeOliver says:

    I honestly felt like this was the best adult dating site out there. I just don’t want so much attention from women, because I’m not going to sleep with a hundred men every week, so what’s the point? I’m just satisfied if I can meet a few hot guys every week. That’s more than enough and xxxConnect brings me much more than that, so I’m a very happy member.

  33. samantha_k says:

    I’m highly satisfied about the services and quality opportunities that XXXConnect offers to it’s members and it was worth getting the membership for sure.

  34. funny_guy_Rupp says:

    I’m just impressed by how user friendly the pages are on XXXConnect.com. They are not overly sophisticated like on some other sites I’ve been on. Online dating should not be complicated. It’s a very simple set up. All you need are some effective and basic features to help people find good matches. The rest should be left up to the members.

  35. lucas.scott says:

    XXXconnect is a great adult dating site as it delivers what it promises to its members. I have been a member for three months now and I just upgraded my membership for a year.

  36. mathew_hadin says:

    If you are looking for a site that will really give you some great women to hook up with, then you just read the best review. XXXconnect.com is by far the best adult dating site I’ve ever been on. It has been able to get me laid so many times over the last month or so.

  37. LucyU says:

    I must admit that I thought that I was taking a risk when I first joined XXXConnect.com, but my fear were put to rest within the first week itself. This isn’t the type of scam that you usually come across in online dating. This is a genuine sex finder site that delivers what it promises to it’s members.

  38. jamey.lee says:

    It was totally worth spending the money on registration because xxxconnect changed the way I lived my life. I used to be a bit of a loner, but I was able to complete that after signing up on here.

  39. Mia_Pasco says:

    This review is right, as a woman, I loved the high quality of members on xxxconnect. There weren’t any fake profiles and I never had to worry much about the safety of going out to meet the men I met on this site.

  40. Scott.Williamson says:

    This has to be one of the best adult sex finder sites out there. I love the search tool on XXXconnect. It’s very easy to use and filters out the best matches nearby.

  41. Ross_E says:

    I come from a rater rural area and I had some doubts whether there’ll be enough women from my area. All my worries were put to rest as soon as I ran the first search on xxxConnect.com. There were many hotties in my town as well as some neighboring villages. That was all I wanted! Since there weren’t that many men from this area, it was easy for me to get laid. I just love this site!

  42. BenyaminG says:

    What’s the point of creating such a detailed profile on a online dating site? I was advised to complete my profile on xxxconnect.com as soon as I registered.

  43. Brenda.Hall says:

    I agree, for women, the quality of members does matter. The safety plays a major role and I’ve never felt this safe going out to meet men on other sites. How can you trust someone that you met on a site full of fakes and creepy horny dudes? XXXconnect.com was much different. It really was a very safe site and I was able to trust men more than ever. That really enabled meet to hook up more with the men.

  44. samuel_graf says:

    The profile helps women determine what kind of person you are. Women take those information very seriously. The women I’ve known told me that they decided to talk to me because they felt that I was the type of guy they’d get along with. It’s a good thing to let others make that decision, because there’s no point in doing all the hard work if a woman isn’t going to like you when you meet them. You will not get laid if that’s the case so it’s better to spend time completing the XXXConnect profile.

  45. PrestonA says:

    I agree. Profile on xxxconnect.com tells people what the kind of person you are and it can direct a lot of nice women that you’ll like to you.

  46. Andrew88 says:


  47. Jonah89 says: