4.3 our score

The Good

- Free basic membership
- Lots of features for Silver and Gold members
- 100% hookup guarantee
- Available as mobile app

The Bad

- Not as many features as some sites
- Profiles not very detailed
- Search could use more filters

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Fuckbook.net claims they are known as “the original Fuckbook (a quick Google search will show you that there are many) and that they are “better than Craigslist” (please tell me no one is still using Craigslist to get laid – please, just… no).


They pose this statement: “You’re probably wondering why Fuckbook might be your ultimate online destination for finding more sex than a tomcat with three pairs of balls. Well, there are a many reasons why we’re better than the competition out there.”


And they have no problem laying their incentives right out there for you. They talk about the success you will have locally: “As a hookup site, we tend to cater to adults seeking only casual encounters. This means you can read personals from countless singles and couples who simply want to fuck with no strings attached. Customize your search options and connect with a man or woman who shares the same sexual fantasies you have.” As well, how easy and quick it is to connect with potential partners: “Fuckbook wants you to get closer, quicker. It’s our motto. Our layout is interactive and easy to use. With options for private messaging, instant chat, as well as a video/audio service, there’s really no reason not to establish those personal connections guaranteed to get you laid.


And best of all, they are completely FREE: “Forget about ever having to pull out your credit card or fiddling with PayPal. Fuckbook is a free service designed to get you laid. When using our dating service, the only thing you’ll be spending money on is alcohol, food and condoms.


Sounds golden to me!


Layout & Design


The layout is super user-friendly and simple. It’s no SocialSex, in terms of sleekness. But that’s not really what’s important, is it?


Fuckbook.net Homepage

Sign up is as simple as the layout, with the bonus of filling out profile information as you go! Who are you?, What are your favorite positions?, How often do you like to have sex? Have you ever had a one night stand with someone you met online?, What places do you like to hook up?, How often do you masturbate?, Who do you want to have sex with?, Where do you live?, When’s your birthday?, and Choose a screenname. It may seem overwhelming, but don’t fret – there’s options for each question, so it’s literally as easy as clicking the mouse.


Once you’re on the site, the first step is to create your profile. You can add photos, videos, and all the information needed to make a good sexual connection (location, age, interests, race, height, body type, hair color, eye color, income, profession, religion, etc.). And don’t skip out on this step – a well constructed profile is the key to getting laid.


Then you can browse or search through Fuckbook.net‘s member database and see all the potential partners that exist in your area. There are a number of ways to reach out and contact any given member (private message, instant chat, video chat, “wink”,etc), but unfortunately, every single way will bring you to an “upgrade your account” page.


If you upgrade you can perform advanced searches of the member data base (search by ethnicity, hair color, keywords, etc.), comment on photos, write reviews of other members, and connect in all the ways I listed above.




  • - Verified REAL members.
  • - Free basic membership.
  • - Displays who’s currently online, local hotties, and new members.
  • - Can browse site in “safe mode”
  • - Customer service available.
  • - Can use through a mobile app.


Benefits of Silver Membership


  • - Get Laid Guarantee – get laid or get a free membership.
  • - Have ability to contact + view all Fuckbook‘s members.
  • - Have ability to do advanced searches.
  • - Unlimited chat + instant messaging + 1-on-1 videos with other members.


Benefits of Gold Membership


  • - Get Laid Guarantee – get laid or get a free membership.
  • - Have ability to contact + view all Fuckbook‘s members.
  • - Unlimited chat + instant messaging + 1-on-1 videos with all members.
  • - Your profile will be featured on all search results.
  • - Have ability to send + receive message from free members.


The Bad


Sadly, although the site is indeed free to join, you WILL need to upgrade in order to contact members and really make those connections that will get you laid. Normally, I’m very aware of sites claiming to be free and having “hidden” costs, but this one actually had me convinced it was free. What a bummer. However, I am pleased to say that it was totally worth the minimal price that I chose to pay. I know, I know – I can hear you yelling “scam!” from here. But, get over it! These sites don’t exist to scam you. They’re getting your money fair and square, only if YOU approve, and they are giving you great service and product in return! You think EroticAffairs is trying to cheat you out of sex? You think HookupCloud.com wants your credit card info to scam you? C’mon. That’s bad experience on free NSA dating sites talking. The sites I give positive reviews to are legit and I have found sex on them.


The Good


The good news is, the prices are completely reasonable. So much so that I can almost forgive them for trying to get one past me. Almost.


fuckbook-membership-feesA subscription for a Silver Membership us only $8.33 per month for a 12 month subscription, and $24.95 per month if you choose to simply purchase a single month. A subscription for a Gold Membership is only $6.67 per month (!!!!!!) for an 18 month subscription, and $34.95 per month if you buy month to month. You can also get a trial membership for $4.98 a day! So if you’re worried this site might not be for you, just hit up the trial and see how you feel about it after 24 hours.


BUT, if you get a subscription, you are GUARANTEED to get laid or your membership is free.


And within a half hour of being on the site, I received five messages from some very pretty ladies. And some very naked ladies. I couldn’t respond to them, but I’m seriously considering upgrading so that I can!


Other pros of the site are that you can use it in “safe mode”, which blocks any sexually explicit material so you can look at Fuckbook at work or wherever else your horny little mind happens to be. They do also have a mobile app too, so you can browse in public with “safe mode” off if you’re careful.




Fuckbook.net says their motto is: get off without even having to get off your chair. And I say, what a damn good motto. Even if you’re not looking to hookup, there are endless galleries of member photos and videos to get off to on top of all the video chats you can join!


And when you’re ready to hook up (or if you’re ready to hook up from the get-go, like I am), there are thousands of members waiting to connect for the exact same reason. You can connect in several fun and different ways and really interact with tons of members. As their site says, Fuckbook.net is ”the perfect balance between adult dating and social networking.


I think I’m going to upgrade right NOW.


Update: Totally did. Totally worth it. My God… trust me.


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